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Let's not mess it up

Feed Glass

Feed Glass

A bowl shape feeder made from high quality borosilicate glass. Plug the stud at the bottom into the soil for a firm stand. Prevents bits and pieces from being washed out of the feeder easily.

Food Stopper

Skew up the dried leaves and get the shrimps feeding them quickly with the Food Stopper.

Lenght: 34cm


Ebi Net

A handy netting tools making it easier for catching and handling shrimps without injuiring the critters. Comes in acrylic handle with soft nets, and black plastic handle with rigid net.

Code Name Net Type Length (mm)
110-100 Ebi Net 1 Soft 300
110-1001 Ebi Net 1H Hard 300
110-101 Ebi Net 2 Soft 450
110-1011 Ebi Net 2H Hard 450

Shrimp Shelters

Longish half round shelters. Allows shrimps to hide and rest. You can also tie or grow moss on it to get a natural looking hidden decoration.

Code Name Hole Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
110-110 Semi Tube SH 7 110
110-111 Semi Tube MH 15 110

Shrimp Caves

Cup Shape shelters with holes, allows shrimps to hide and resat within in bigger numbers.

Code Name Hole Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
110-120 Cave S 15 90
110-121 Cave SM 15 90ee

Shrimp Shelters