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System Parts

Switch & Drip

Connecting hoses of different diameter has never looked this good

Switch Glass

Switch Glass

This charming glass pipe was designed with the image of a lily flower. The design is so elegant, yet it is also very functional; Lily Pipe creates an ideal water flow for the growth of aquatic plants.

Code Name Pipe Size From-To (mm)
160-180 Switch G1 10 to 13
160-1801 Switch G2 13 to 17

Switch Pipe

Switch Pipe

The sturdy stainless steel pipe reducer is design to grip on soft hoses firmly with its threaded shaft.

Code Name Pipe Size From-To (mm)
160-280 Switch P1 10 to 13
160-2801 Switch P2 10 to 17
160-2802 Switch P3 13 to 17

Other connectors

Switch Glass

Elbow Glass

Available in 2 sizes, the elbow glass enable connection to the Rain Glass/Pipe via a Join Glass for a clean and clear bend.

Code Name Pipe Size (mm)
160-1841 Eblow G2 13
160-1842 Switch G3 17

Switch Pipe

Tee Glass

A 6mm outlet at the mid section allows a separate stream of water to be channelled from the main flow. Use it on feeding water to any reactor required.

Code Name Pipe Size (mm)
160-1821 Tee G1 13
160-1822 Tee G2 17

Water flow

Clear Hose

Strong, yet soft and flexible clear tubings for connecting Fill & Flow Pipes to pumps and canister filters. The Clear Hose can be easily clean with Tube Brush and does not crink easily.

Product Code Product Name For Pipe Size (mm) Hose Size (mm)
160-400 Clear Hose H1 10 9/12
160-401 Clear Hose H1 13 12/16
160-402 Clear Hose H1 17 16/22


Pipe Brush

This brush comes in a length of 2m allowing you to clean any filter pipes easily and completely. It has twin brush head suitable for both 13mm and 17mm pipes.

Product Code Product Name For Pipe Size (mm) For Hose Size (mm)
160-310 Pipe Brush 13 / 17 12/16, 16,22