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keeping the aquascape in shape

Short Cutters

A short yet handy scissors with extra long cutting edges, the short cutters are most suitable for a fast pruning on massive chunks of stem plants in any size tank.

Product Code Product Name Type Length
110-230 Short Cutter 18 Straight 168
110-231 Short Cutter 28 Straight 168



These standard cutters offers you precise and a comfortable prunnig in small to average sized tanks.

Product Code Product Name Type Length
110-220 Cutter 18 Straight 200
110-221 Cutter 28 Curved 230


Long Cutters

The long cutters gives you extra reach and extra long cutting edges for effortless pruning in big and tall planted tanks.

Product Code Product Name Type Length
110-240 Long Cutter 18 Straight 250
110-241 Long Cutter 28 Curved 250
110-242 Long Cutter 38 Straight 350
110-243 Long Cutter 48 Curved 350

Pro Cutters

for cutting foreground and delicate plants

Wave Cutter

The unique shape of the Wave Cutter allows you to trim foreground plants such as glossostigma or eleocharis species effortlessly.

Product Code Product Name Type Length
110-260 Wave Cutter Wave Type 200


Spring Cutters

The handiness of the Spring Cutter allows you to prune moss and other delicate plants in a small aquarium easily.

Product Code Product Name Type Length
110-250 Spring Cutter 18 Straight 150
110-251 Spring Cutter 28 Curved 150



The short Razor 18 comes in a handy length allowing a fast and clean scraping of tanks ranging from 30 to 90cm in length.

The Razor 28 is an extendable version with a broad blade gives you extra reach to scrape stubborn algae off the glass wall easily in deep tanks.

Product Code Product Name Length (mm) Suitable For Aquarium (H)
110-310 Razor 18 260 30 to 90
110-311 Razor 28 400 to 800 90 and above


parts, bits and pieces that make things better

Polish Tip

is a three part sand paper strip specially designed to upkeep the BorneoWild Stainless Steel Aquascaping Tools. Start by removing rust and spots using the Pink Strip. The surfaces can then be smoothen with the Grey Strip. The process is completed with a finishing polish using the Brown Strip.

Product Code Product Name
110-400 Polish Tip