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Set & Grow Plant & Shape Prune & Scrape Fill & Flow Filter Parts Bubbles & Pop Scape & Shape

for small delicate plants



With a fine and straight tip, the Pinsette 18 allows you to pick up tiny plants such as eleocharis species (hairgrass) and plant it easily without damaging the plant or disturbing the soil.

The curved tip of Pinsette 28 gives you more control over the planting angles.


Product Code Product Name Type Length
110-200 Pinsettes 18 Straight 300
110-201 Pinsettes 28 Curved 300
Pro Pinsettes

for extra grip on larger plants


Pro Pinsettes

Designed for firm gripping and planting plants with thick crown such as echinodorus species or in clumps like cryptocoryne, the Pro Pinsette makes planting effortless.

The Pro Pinsette 28 and 28 gives you more reach for deeper tanks, with no compromise on grip for very tall tanks.

For use in aquariums from 30 to 90cm deep.


Product Code Product Name Type Length
110-210 Pro Pinsettes 18 Straight 200
110-211 Pro Pinsettes 28 Straight 300
110-212 Pro Pinsettes 38 Straight 450
Sand Flattner

Creating a neat and straight slope is just that simple


Sand Flattener

The Sand Flattener is a handy tool to create neat substrate frontline and slopes.

The Sand Flattener is also useful for minor adjustments in the layout during maintenance


Product Code Product Name Length
110-300 Sand Flattener 300